Meta Nights

You wake up and...'re in a room.

Yup. A room. It’s a room with plain, grey brickwork and several torches casting light from the walls. There isn’t a hint of odor in the air, you don’t hear anything besides the crackle of torches, and it feels as though it’s precisely room temperature in here. If any of that changes, you’ll be the first to know, you nosy little perception-spammers. A quick pocket check confirms that all of your hard-earned purchases from character creation remain on your person. Lucky you!

As you stand up you realize that you’re not alone. Everyone sitting around the table with you is here too and, (surprise, surprise) they look and sound exactly like the players do in real life. Except, you know, as dwarves, elves, etc. in armor and robes and stuff. You could stand around introducing yourselves, but that seems like a huge waste of time what with all of these lovely player character pages at your disposal.

Since we’re all already acquainted, let’s get started! You’re in a room… what do you do?



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