Test Your Meta!

Welcome to Meta Nights: the game where everything’s made up and your best guess might not be good enough anymore.

Forget assuming the role of an amazing character in an awe-inspiring fantasy world. Your character is YOU (and you ARE awesome!), and knows exactly what you know. Is there probably a trap on that chest? Do you not trust an NPC despite your failed Wisdom check? Go ahead and act on it. See if I care. Just know that I also know what you know, you know?

Because here at Meta Nights we cater to the highest common denominator; your meta-gaming. Your characters are absolutely aware that they are part of a game controlled by a misogynistic dungeon master, and they are definitely right to think such of him. He wants to see you succeed, but you’d best be ready to earn it honestly.

So brush off your old dungeon tropes and prepare to see them all either totally rehashed or completely turned on their heads. Which will it be? Better choose wisely!

Meta Nights