Chuck MacGuffin

The legendariest hero EVER!


1. an object or event in a book or a film that serves as the impetus for the plot.
Word Origin
Coined (c.1935) by Sir Alfred Hitchcock.


Stories abound of the exploits of Chuck MacGuffin, the legendary hero. Believe it or not, pretty much every cool story you’ve heard about any other badass heroic dude is really about MacGuffin. He’s like the Chuck Norris of legendary warriors, except that Chuck Norris is actually based on him. Seriously! Norris didn’t even bother to change the first name!

The only thing that is almost as legendary as the man himself is the legend of his vast treasure. Some say it’s endless piles of gold and jewels, others say it’s an unbeatable arsenal or weapons and armor, or perhaps even a vast library filled with magical texts and ancient wisdom. No one knows for sure what MacGuffin’s treasure is, but one thing’s for certain: everyone wants it.

Chuck MacGuffin

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