Crazy Vaclav

Weapons! Armor! Potions! You buy!



The owner and proprietor of the one-and-only one-stop dungeon shop, Vaclav Vasilevski will buy and sell anything; and you’d pretty much have to be crazy to use that as your business model. Being the only game in town does have its perks though. Vaclav’s prices are set in stone and, like the armor he sells, no amount of charisma-based checks will ever put a dent in them.

Vaclav and his ilk have come to the dungeon with big dreams of profiteering off of the booming MacGuffin rush, and business is good. From behind his impenetrable counter Vaclav can pull your purchases right out of that one treasure chest in the store that you always wished you could open but couldn’t since there’s always that damned impenetrable counter in the way. Why does every shopkeeper seem to have one of those chests? And how do they always have exactly the items you’re buying inside of them? Are they magical? These secrets may only be revealed to Vaclav’s most loyal customers…

So come on down to Crazy Vaclav’s: Where it always smells like homemade borscht, and the owner is too cheap to advertise anywhere other his own Obsidian Portal page! With one convenient location right next door to the Greasy Spoon, you won’t have to look far for a place to offload your hard-earned loot or pick up that shiny new blade you’ve been drooling over in the books. All nice and legal… honest!

Crazy Vaclav

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